International Bugles

International Bugles

To begin the physical manifestation and internationalisation of PeaceBugle, the FirstPeace music will be sent to related organisations on each continent (Africa, Antarctica*, Asia, Australia/Oceania, Europe, North America and South America) for them to play as part of their work by a locally based bugler, initially on their own bugle.

Once the PeaceBugle is in production, each of the organisations will be sent one, with its own cord and protective case, for use on a regular basis in the support of peace. The objective is to eventually distribute the bugle and music to every country in the world.

We will ask for the playing to be recorded. It will be posted on the PeaceBugle website and global sites such as Vimeo and YouTube. Eventually there will be a world-wide collection of Music for Peace that can be viewed on-line. Smartphones and the internet facilitate recording and filming, to the project's advantage.

The bugle call will be available for download. It can then be used on devices to accompany vigils and rallies where a bugle isn't available. This significantly expands where and when FirstPeace can be used.

To start this part of the programme we will arrange that FirstPeace is played on all continents. Bugles could be played at 12 noon local time, and the Playing for Peace will then follow the earth's rotation through one day. This event could also take place annually on the UN International Day of Peace which takes place on September 21st.

Over time, more PeaceBugles to play the FirstPeace score would be given to organisations in the UK and internationally, for use as dynamic rallying calls where people come together to show their opposition to war and conflict and their support of peace.

Any bugle calls of FirstPeace organised directly by the PeaceBugle project will use professional musicians. To open up the sounding of PeaceBugle on a wider democratic front, we would encourage, where possible, for professional musicians or musicians with a good level of skill to be used, but would, overall, encourage its use generally as a herald to peace.

Recordings can be organised into sections to show professional events and community participation.

We hope to gift PeaceBugles to cities such as Coventry, Dresden, the Prefectures of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, New York, London, Damascus, Kyiv and other places in the world that that have been affected by aerial and other types of bombing, attack or bombardment.

* Antarctica is a particular case due to it having a small transitory population of scientists and support staff.

It is very likely that this will need to be organised differently from the other continents which all have significant centres of population and a number of peace organisions.