Project Summary

Project Summary

PeaceBugle is an international music and film project for peace - a response to the violence and destruction of 20th and 21st century war, civil conflict and genocide.

A standard bugle will be made from specially manufactured brass. The mix will contain brass from military cap badges, buttons, bullet cartridges, shell cases and civilian and non-military services' buttons, buckles and other brass objects which are directly connected to war, civil conflict and genocide.

The badges, uniform and clothing items represent military and civilian personnel. The bullet cartridges and shell cases reference modern weaponry.

The re-use of projectile brass is a direct equivalent to turning swords into ploughshares – turning instruments of war into instruments for peace. It supports the need to have peace displace war and conflict and to replace destructive activities with constructive ones.

The bugle will play a new piece of music entitled FirstPeace. The objective is for it to have the same strong musical identity as the Last Post. It will have a duration of one minute.

The playing of FirstPeace on the PeaceBugle will initially be filmed in eight key locations connected to war, conflict and genocide. The films will be made into a multi-screen audio-visual installation for public exhibition.

FirstPeace will also be made available internationally to be used in support and service of peace. One part of this will be International Bugles.

There will be other associated projects including a music programme and Peace Instruments.

An Outreach and Education Programme will support greater understanding about the importance of peace. It will link to other peace-based programmes in the UK and across the world.

Please note – some of the pictures in the Lest We Forget section contain graphic imagery