Project Stages

Project Stages

PeaceBugle will be developed and implemented in the following stages:

FirstPeace commissioned.

It can immediately be used in a variety of ways:

International Bugles

Played on International Holocaust Memorial Day, UN International Day of Peace and Remembrance Day

Played at peace vigils or rallies around the world

Make the bugle and accoutrements

Brass mix created, billet poured, sheet rolled

Bugle made

Bugle cord and storage box made

Create the audio-visual installation

Film FirstPeace being played at eight sites on PeaceBugle

Edit the footage into a sequential structure for screening

Exhibit and tour

Design and implement the Outreach and Education Programme
This will run alongside the first three stages to provide context

Music Programme

This can be organised early on to raise profile and interest
It will be used to raise funds